Fluff is what is making hits on most of media outlet these days. Question is, should we follow their way, make big names for ourselves and look like them? It sounds so selfish thinking that way, doesn’t it? It’s not about me. It’s about the lives that my music is affecting.

“If I will affect any one with my music, I must affect them positively with a message full of love and passion about this Christ who saves.” Felis

Felis is one of the outstanding artists who has decided to stay on the right track, not delivering the message that people want, but the message that they need to hear. A message that the world may despise, but that God can utilize to reach more; a message that may not make hits in the worlds point of view, but that will save, touch, heal, deliver, transform and disciple many souls for Christ.

Coming from a family of musicians, Felis was taught from an early age to serve the Lord with his talents. At the age of 16, Felis received the call to go to the nations. He said, I knew that the only thing that I could use to reach nations and make disciples is through what I was given by God, and that is the talent He gave me in music.

 As Felis traveled throughout Central and East Africa, God opened the doors for him to assist and train many artists. He has recorded over 30 albums with different local and international musicians. Felis is passionate about raising up new artists to proclaim the hope found in Jesus Christ to all nations.

Felis has also ministered with Pamoja Ministries as the general manager of Kahawa Records using his gifting to raise up this next generation of true worshipers, not superstars, in Tanzania, East Africa. He is currently finishing his senior year at Visible Music College, gaining more knowledge and skills to empower the next generation of worshipers.